In Detail

In Detail

If you have three or more staff, chances are you have staffing issues that could be solved with the help of a specialist.

You probably do not need, or want to pay for, that expertise on a permanent basis, however, having someone to professionally take care of your Human Resources needs, letting you concentrate on your business, has got to be appealing.

We can assist with our team of experienced HR consultants with over twenty years experience in senior level roles in a variety of industries.

Wouldn't it be a relief to have the services of an experienced HR Manager on call, when you need them, someone whose knowledge of your organisation and your staff is second only to your own?

Ensuring staff are working to their highest potential. The economy is making it more and more difficult for employers and unfortunately there isn't any room for 'fat'.

Ensuring that your staff are working at their highest level of efficiency, looking at your process, offering areas of improvement, restructuring where necessary and managing outplacement if this is the chosen option.

Employers have never needed to know exactly what is happening within their business more than right now. Make sure you have your finger on the pulse.

We will conduct an audit of your organisation from a Human Resource perspective, addressing what you currently have in place and what you will require to ensure an efficient workforce. A report will be provided outlining what your needs are from a regulatory perspective covering contracts and policies and procedures through to performance management programs. Our consultants will work with you to implement these programs to suit your budget and timing.
Do you have all of your policies and procedures in place? This doesn't mean do you have them written, unfortunately that provides no more value than the paper they are written on. Policies and procedures must be implemented into the organisation. We provide the policies and procedures that your business requires and we ensure they are implemented into your business. Let's get them off the shelf, dust them off and get them working for you.
Because we work with your business on a regular basis, we know your people and your culture. We are therefore the best option when you are looking for new staff. We all know how time consuming and frustrating recruitment is. Wouldn't it be nice to pass it to someone else?
One of the most important aspects of starting a new person is their Induction. Getting a thorough understanding of the business and their role in it is essential. When we have done Exit Interviews of staff who have left within the first three months, the predominant reason for their departure is the lack of Induction Training. We can provide a thorough Induction program and make it virtual, this means that all new staff can do the SAME induction and you and your team can be getting on with your jobs.
It is important to understand your people and their opinion of the business they have chosen to work for. It is often thought that we know what our staff think, but we may be surprised to find that what we thought was important to them, in fact isn’t that important and areas that we have been neglecting are far more important to them. Wasted resources, there isn’t anything more frustrating to a business owner, when resources are so scarce. Ensure that you have your focus and resources in the right place.
Are you unsure how to retain your key players? We can provide you with strategies that will ensure retention of your key players. This will address financial as well as non financial rewards.
Creating an environment where your staff knows exactly what is required of them. Have them sign off on it and most importantly, deliver on that promise – ensuring that your staff are working at their optimum level in a consultative manner.
Fair Work Act 2009, National Employment Standards 2009, Transitional Awards, Modern Awards – confused? What applies to your organisation? Let's get that one off your desk and onto ours where it belongs. Let us work out what you do and don't need.
Would you like to offer your staff a high level of safety and security in their workplace? Are you suffering high Workcover Premiums? Would you like to decrease these? Would you like to be able to feel confident with a Workcover claim that you will not be found in the wrong? We can provide workshops and check lists to ensure compliance and safety.
Have you taken your strongest technical people and put them into leadership roles, and now discovering, that they in fact do not have the management and leadership skills that you had hoped. All companies seem destined to take their best out of what they do best, and put them into management roles, then discover that this isn't the best course of action. Before you demote them, let us provide the 'tool box' of skills they require to make your decision to promote them work.
Are you intending to acquire or merge with another business, or are you being acquired? This can have disastrous results if not handled properly. Ensure that you have the right plan in place prior to the acquisition or merger. This will result in less turnover and provide you an understanding of possible outcomes prior to them arriving on your doorstep unexpectedly.
THRP can perform an Audit of your payroll to ensure that you are paying your employees the correct amount, that they are receiving the right allowances and deductions. If you are not paying an employee correctly they will let you know, but if you are paying them too much, you can be assured that they will most likely not mention that one! Under payment of salary and benefits can attract “substantial” fines. 2009
This is a time consuming role and prone to errors and unfortunately employees won't tell you if they are overpaid, only when you under pay them. Outsourcing this can ensure accuracy and can be done at half what it is currently costing you.
  • Workforce Planning - Do you have the right people in the right roles and do you have a strong succession plan in place for when those 'right' people decide to move on?
  • Employee Value Proposition - What makes your business appealing to future applicants? Every business has a value that stands out above your competition. Find out what yours is.
  • Learning and Development - Skills analysis and assessment to ensure that your future is covered.
Major changes to a business can be disastrous if not handled correctly. The reality is that it is impossible to predict exactly how an organisation will take major change. The only way to ensure that your business comes out the other end with as little 'effect' as possible is to implement a thorough Change Management Program. Talk to us before, rather than have us clean up afterwards.



In these current economic times it is an unfortunate reality that companies are making some hard decisions around reducing their workforce and making a number of roles throughout the organisation redundant. To prepare organisations and individuals during these difficult times, we are able to provide support to the employees impacted by these decisions.

Our Career Transition and Outplacement services provide a number of benefits to both the employee and the organisation during these times.

We believe these services support the staff who have been impacted by these decisions, in both the staff departing the organisation and the morale and productivity of those retained after outplacement occurs.

By looking after both departing and remaining staff, the reputation of the company can remain intact with future prospective employees and in the marketplace.

We can provide you flexibility and commitment to tailoring both cost and program to your organisational needs.

Our programs provide your employees with one to one counselling with an experienced Career Coach who provides employees with the best possible opportunity for success after leaving the organisation.

Underpinning our approach is an understanding of the revolution occurring in the world of work and the need to provide employees.

Our programs

  • Career Review
  • Skills and competencies self assessment
  • Identification of transferable skills
  • Resume preparation
  • Support counselling on day of announcement
  • Career Action Plan
  • Interview skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Personal consultant / one on one case management
  • Panel interview training
  • Introduction to other key recruitment firms if necessary

Workforce Redeployment

If your Organisation is facing the necessity of restructuring your workforce, The HR People has a comprehensive suite of services which can:

1. Efficiently assist your Organisation in managing through this transition

2. Assist your Organisation and people to quickly reposition for readiness to address current challenges and importantly, to become ready to meet the opportunities when the inevitable recovery occurs.

Restructuring and downsizing is one of the most difficult and unpleasant organisational necessities during difficult economic times. From an ownership point of view often senior management does have a good idea on what is needed, however to ensure an objective and emotion free view The HR People can assist organisations to develop their strategy and provide an independent and fresh view of the way forward whilst minimising risk.

If not handled correctly organisations may lose their best talent, experience reduced employee engagement and productivity and miss opportunities in this challenging market.The HR People can assist you to undertake this process in a strategic, well structured, objective and professional manner achieving the dual outcomes of implementing the required restructuring whilst maintaining motivation and commitment of existing employees.